Communal violence bill

So the government must take steps to avoid another communal riot in the country. For example, there are states like Manipur 46 per cent Hindu and Arunachal Pradesh These days the occurrence of communal violence is a regular feature.

The draft Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Access to Justice and Reparations Bill should be seen as a precursor to create another partition of the country and needs to be opposed by all right thinking people from all communities across the country.

Winning over the Elite.

Hidden agenda behind communal violence Bill

The idea behind this move was to win over the English educated intelligentsia from the religious majority group to ensure that the dialogue between the INC and the British Government would consolidate the hold of Empire on the colony and also facilitate the transformation of the colony into the Western cultural ethos.

It is apparently so. Local Protestants would year after year disrupt the festivities by throwing stones at the Catholics.

Necessity for Communal Violence prevention bill

It will encourage minority communalism. A member of the minority shall never commit an offence of hate propaganda or a communal violence. It has a power to send advisories to the central and state governments. While the Islamist rulers replaced Sanskrit with Persian in administration, the British introduced English as official language and medium of education.

Here are some of the worrisome provisions: Serious attempt to destroy Cultural Heritage They also forced the hapless converts to completely forget their indigenous cultural past and did their best to separate them from the mainstream society.

It is a fact that the people faced the trauma and stigma of the hate crimes perpetrated on them but they did not succumb to the brutal assault of the conquerors that was the norm in those days. The concept has a wider meaning than the simple words.

Minority institutions including Jamait-e-Ulema are forcing Congress for passing this bill. If the government tries to keep it in circulation it would only affect the social harmony.

Will Communal Violence Bill be tabled in Parliament?

He could have no defence under the draft bill. Terrorist groups may no longer indulge in terrorist violence. The Communal Violence Bill now offers scope for mischief via a backdoor entry of Article as it stood prior to the Bommai Case in the guise of ensuring minority rights. In order to do so there is urgent need to bring a strong Communal Violence Prevention Bill that would hold the communities together and ensure their peaceful coexistence.

The draft law may prove ineffective if the executive dithers from taking prompt action to control communal violence. The court declared that henceforth the proclamation issued under Article would be judicially reviewable and the court would examine whether the proclamation was issued for malafide reasons.

An allegation thus is equivalent to proof. Here is a proposed law being legislated in the 21st century where caste and religion of an offender wipe out the culpability under this law. The idea behind such an attempt was to eliminate the national identity of the locals and Islamise them completely.

According to the draft, the members of minority communities could not be accused for violence against the majority community. UP chief minister says government hasn't sent her a draft of the legislation.

9 reasons why the Communal Violence Bill is itself communal

Thomas Babington Macaulaya British historian, politician, and an inaugural member of a governing Supreme Council of India imported English form of education through his famous Minute on Indian Education of February No wonder it would give freedom to perpetrate crimes against Pandits and evict them from Kashmir for all times to come.

An offence is deemed to be committed by a senior person or office bearer of an association and he fails to exercise control over subordinates under his control or supervision. This widespread mistrust along ethnic lines explains the severity of communal violence by implying that when underlying mistrust is high, it is easier for extremists and elites to mobilize support for violence, and that where violence against members of other ethnic groups is supported by the public, perpetrators of such violence are less likely to face social sanctions.

I am not one of those who look upon the National Advisory Council (NAC), functioning under the UPA Chairperson, Ms Sonia Gandhi, as an extra-Constitutional authority, enjoying power without.

Government forced to defer Communal Violence Bill

THE COMMUNAL VIOLENCE (PREVENTION, CONTROL AND REHABILITATION OF VICTIMS) BILL, A BILL to empower the Sate Governments and the Central Government to take measures to provide for the prevention. Home Communal Violence Bill – A Direct Assault On The States.

Communal Violence Bill – A Direct Assault On The States. Dr A Surya Prakash. However the recent Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, which has been approved by the National Advisory Council (N.A.C.) regrettably broadens this hiatus rather than addressing the problem.

A fraudulent draft Communal Violence Bill Incompetent extra- constitutional, biased members do a sham job By Shivaji Sarkar.

IT is a critically flawed move to usurp the powers of the state governments, devastate the federal structure of the country and create schism among different communities. Highlights of the Bill.

Communal Violence Bill heading for cold storage?

The Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill, provides for (a) prevention and control of communal violence, (b) speedy investigation and trials, and (c) rehabilitation of victims.

Communal violence bill
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Communal Violence (Suppression) Act, bill analyzed