Examine how one theory of emotion

The attractiveness of this approach is easy to see. Grief and a headhunter's rage: Although for many that is far from a reward, for others it is. The way that this is done is through the study of emotions as necessary elements of social interaction in five dimensions: Neurocircuitry[ edit ] Based on discoveries made through neural mapping of the limbic systemthe neurobiological explanation of human emotion is that emotion is a pleasant or unpleasant mental state organized in the limbic system of the mammalian brain.

Some brief examples to show how these ideas have been developed are also reviewed. Weiss and Russell Cropanzanothat looks at the causes, structures, and consequences of emotional experience especially in work contexts. This is in contrast to theories that state that the generation of the emotion response is a direct and automatic result of perceiving the stimulus—these non-cognitive theories are discussed below.

A supporting experiment which demonstrates how cognitive appraisals are affected by bodily responses emotions to stressful situations, which is illustrated by Speisman et al.

Informed of the correct effects of adrenaline under the impression that it was suproxin Given no information on effects Given false effects Last group was given a placebo 4 Groups divided into 2 subgroups Condition 1 euphoria Confederate encouraged participant to play with games inside the waiting room withffice equipment Condition 2 anger Confederate completed a questionnaire at the same pace as the participant but became more and more angry as the questions became more personal Participants were observed for changes in emotion Participants were then asked to fill out a questionnaire detailing their state of emotion Results: Appraisal determinants of emotions: Based on the studies outlined it only seems accurate that these flashbulb memories actually exist and affect our memory.

Considering an emotion as a syndrome, the individual has a variety of choices for the emotion response. On the primacy of affect.

Roseman and Smith provide an example using sadness and comment on the consequence of this example for a theory of emotion: The novel claim of this theory is that conceptually-based cognition is unnecessary for such meaning. In this example, fear is the mental state caused by feedback from the body that is, the perception of the bodily changes.

Theories of Emotion

In communication studiesscholars study the role that emotion plays in the dissemination of ideas and messages.

Participants were interviewed about the event a few days after the event actually happened. Like the judgment theories, the cognitive appraisal theories emphasize the idea that the way in which an individual evaluates or appraises the stimulus determines the emotion.

Women during the first trimester had a higher level of intensity for disgust sensitivity than women in their second and third trimester. In this case, a cognitive process will determine that the current situation is dangerous, and then what Robinson calls an affective appraisal will be made of this specific information and a fear response will be triggered.

This description is sufficient to begin an analysis of the emotions, although it does leave out some aspects of the process such as the subjective awareness of the emotion and behavior that is often part of the emotion response for example, fighting, running away, hugging another person.

Griffiths Although the trend when explaining emotions from a historical point of view is to focus on adaptations, an alternative is simply to identify the traits that are present in a certain range of species because of their shared ancestry.

Disgust seemed to decrease with age and women had a higher disgust sensitivity towards the images than the men.

Examine how one theory of emotion may affect one cognitive process

For example, the judgment that I have been insulted and offended does not necessarily require any conscious mental effort on my part. This classification creates a psychological category, which Griffiths terms the affect program emotions: A consequence of this view is that without a bodily response there cannot be an emotion.

An expert system approach. Every individual has beliefs, as well as goals, personal tendencies, and desires in place before the emotion causing event is encountered.

In anthropologythe study of humanity, scholars use ethnography to undertake contextual analyses and cross-cultural comparisons of a range of human activities.

Historians of emotion trace and analyse the changing norms and rules of feeling, while examining emotional regimes, codes, and lexicons from social, cultural, or political history perspectives. One theory of how emotion affects the cognitive process of memory is by a process known as a Flashbulb Memory.

The theory is that these Flashbulb Memories will not only enhance the memory itself, but will make certain aspects of the memory more vivid and detailed. First, the Flashbulb Memory should be defined.

Examine one evolutionary explanation of behaviour.

Flashbulb memories [ ]. May 17,  · Disgust Examine: Scrutinize the theory of how disgust helps us survive and make sure our offspring survive. In terms of the the theory of evolution this helps us survive.

Try to note and understand the interrelationship and assumptions made to justify the emotion of disgust. Evolution is change in the heritable traits of biological. One theory of how emotion may affect the cognitive process of memory is Flashbulb Memory (FBM) suggested by Brown & Kulik ().

Theory of FBM involves how emotion affects memory by enhancing it. To what extent do cognitive and biological factors interact in emotion? Introduction.

Examine how one theory of emotion may affect one cognitive process

Introduce topic by explaining the cognitive level of analysis. This theory states that emotion is experienced when, in our interaction with the environment, we assess our surroundings as to whether it is beneficial or harmful for our well-being.

Theories of Emotion

Appraisals are interpretations of situations and how they will affect one’s well-being. Start studying Evaluate/Examine/Discuss one theory of how emotion may affect one cognitive process.

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Examine how one theory of emotion
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